As a photographer, I'm frequently asked "What should I wear to my photoshoot?". Choosing the perfect outfit for your family can be quite a challenge. With 3 little ones, I've been there myself and know how overwhelming it can be, which is why I've created a list of helpful tips for planning your session!

To start, here are a few things to AVOID:

  • Ball caps (fedora-style & sun hats are okay)
  • Logos
  • Large patterns: Plaids, Stripes, Florals
  • Neon colors
  • Very short skirts | dresses | shorts (they limit poses)
  • Tall socks
  • Sunglasses

Moms, it's best to start with yourself! Many women find it difficult to choose outfits for themselves, we always picked the best outfits for dad and the kids and then are lost on what to choose for us! Here's my best advice: Choose something that makes you feel confident and good about yourself! When you're comfortable & confident in the clothes you're wearing, it will show in your expressions and the way you interact with the camera. After you know what you are wearing you can then choose outfits for your partner and kids based on yours. While some of your photos may be posed, I tend to have a documentary approach aiming to capture the raw, real moments with your family. My prompts and poses usually involve a lot of movement and playing, so it's best to select clothing that doesn't restrict you from running around and having a good time with your family! Long flowy, maxi dresses are a great option!

If you need inspiration you can check out Pinterest or message me for ideas!

Men, I suggest neutral colors with NO pattern! White, grey, taupe, beige, ivory, brown, or black is best. You can't go wrong pairing a denim button-up with khaki, or black pants as it will match almost anything you choose!

Madelyn Lett Photography Color Palette


Madelyn Lett Photography Color Palette


Madelyn Lett Photography Color Palette


Madelyn Lett Photography Color Palette



Outfit matching is now in the past, we are not coordinating color palettes!

Pro Tip: By laying your outfits out you can get a good view of how well they look together. Wanna make a statement? Add some layers and accessories!

SOLIDS, solids, solids:

Did I mention solids already? We want the focus of your photos to be on the connection you have with your family! Neutrals, soft solids, and subtle prints are best! Large logos and wording on clothing take attention away from the emotions i am there to capture.


When choosing your outfit you need to keep the location in mind. Going downtown for a shoot? Let's save the sundress and sandals for the beach! In a setting like that, you'll want to dress fancier. Most of my family sessions are usually pretty laid back and outdoors in an empty field or flower patch, giving you the flexibility to wear just about anything you want!


If you know you will frame and hang your photos, consider outfit colors that compliment your decor!

What to wear for family photos?

Not sure what to wear for your family session? Check out my style guide for tips to help you pick the perfect outfits for your family!