Motherhood Event 2023

A unique and specialized photography session catering exclusively to capturing mothers along their journey of motherhood.

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Moms, you are the backbone of your family, the glue that holds everything together! You do the laundry, make meals, help with homework, give hugs, take all the photos of your children,  and so much more. You manage to do it all with such love and dedication, but oftentimes you are life is hectic and busy, and you are left out of those priceless memories. Moms, you deserve to be in the pictures too! You are beautiful, and your kids love you so much. When you're old, and your kids are all grown, you'll want to look back on these photographs and see the love and happiness that surrounded you. You'll want to remember the little moments and the milestones that you were a part of. As a mom who is always left out of the pictures, I have decided to host a Motherhood Event. This experience is like no other! Let me capture the beauty and love of you and your children. I promise you will cherish these photographs for the rest of your lives. Take a moment to laugh, smile, and create beautiful memories with your children. Trust me, you won't regret it!


MAY 7th 2023

One-hour experience at my private studio in Danville, Virginia.

Access to client wardrobe for mom.

Hair & makeup services for mom.

15-minute motherhood session.

A photo album keepsake of every image! (15+).